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Picture soaring from 14,000 feet to the landing area in under five minutes; Accelerated Free Fall is the fastest and most exciting way to do it. Most people can't imagine quiting the sport after a tandem or AFF adventure. Instead, you think that maybe you would like to become a licensed skydiver with the training and ability to jump any time. At Skydive Pennridge, our expert instructors can help you learn the skills needed to make a career out of skydiving. An Accelerated Freefall program would give you the opportunity to make a solo skydive under your own canopy. It's an experience like nothing else! And you can jump unimpeded and unattached to an instructor. With an USPA 'A' license you will have the freedom to jump anytime. As a skydiver, who could ask for more than total freedom?

Not only will you learn to be comfortable with heights, you will learn with a class that hails from all over the world to train as professional skydivers. As a skydiving student, you will master the skills to skydive with other people as well as learn exactly how to pack your main parachute. You will feel proud knowing that you can competently skydive solo from great altitudes and even advance with advanced classes.

Prerequisites for our AFF Training Programs

As challenging as skydiving is, there are certain criteria that applicants to the Accelerated Freefall program must meet, including the following:

  • Be over 18 years of age.
  • Be in good physical shape.
  • Be under a maximum weight limit of 240 lbs.
  • Be medically cleared by a physician if you are affected by some health conditions.

How you can earn a USPA License.

Expect to be debriefed during your first level, educated on the ground, and then taken into the sky for functional instruction. It is designed to help the trainee skydive fast and safely using the most up to date training methods and tricks. Expect to learn how to maneuver your body, release the parachute properly and how to land safely. Once the instructor is confident that you've learned the best ways to safely jump and land, you will have your first AFF class skydive accompanied by two instructors who will fine-tune and perfect your form in the air. Some people will be unnerved by the scrutiny of the trainers as you pass through the levels but it is all done for your safety. You will be expected to understand more on body control during freefall as you progress to more advanced levels. Eventually you will be ready to master some of the advanced skydiving tactics like gliding and backflips, and you'll learn...

  • Exactly how to properly check equipment.
  • Canopy packing.
  • Exactly how to spot airplanes.
  • How to restore stability after flips or sudden movements.

Level six is your first completely solitary jump. This occurs after a concluding examination of sorts. Your instructors need to confirm that you have the skills required. An instructor will follow along to evaluate your performance and upon successful conclusion, you are eligible for certification. With all said and done, you will have made at least 25 jumps and completed all requirements to get your USPA 'A' license.

What is the United States Parachute Association?

"USPA" stands for the "United States Parachute Association" which is a large organization that helps standardize instruction techniques and issues skydiving licenses. The sky diving licenses vary from the typical "A license" (25 jumps) through "D" (eligible after 500 skydives), representing the escalating levels of competency and success.

Become Licensed!

If you are prepared to take the next step in becoming a certified skydiver, it all starts with Skydive Pennridge. Sign up for your skydiving certification course today. No previous expertise is necessary. Start on a new journey and reach for the sky with skydiving certification through Skydive Pennridge!