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The quickest way to experience the thrill of a lifetime is to jump from an airplane flying ten thousand feet above the Earth with our Accelerated Freefall program! The majority of people can't imagine quiting the sport after a tandem or AFF adventure. You will want to pursue the sport farther and join the ranks of skilled licensed skydivers. At Skydive Pennridge, our expert instructors can help you learn the skills needed to make a career out of skydiving. An Accelerated Freefall course would give you the opportunity to make a solo skydive using your own parachute. It's an experience like no other! You can skydive on your own without being attached to an instructor from your very first jump. All that is needed is an USPA "A license," and you are free to make solo skydives at any dropzone without supervision. How cool is that?

Not only will you learn to be comfortable with heights, you will learn with a training group that hails from around the country to train as expert skydivers. You will not only train to freefall with a group, you will be instructed how to correctly pack your parachute. Take pride in knowing that you can properly skydive solo from over 10,000 feet and even progress with advanced classes.

Requirements for our AFF Training Programs

In order to guarantee safety and to meet the requirements set forth by the USPA, candidates to the AFF course must...

  • Be over 18 years of age.
  • Be in excellent physical condition.
  • Weigh under 240lb.
  • Be medically cleared by a healthcare professional if you are affected by some health conditions.

How you can earn a USPA License.

You will start your Accelerated Freefall training by participating in ground instruction and instructor-led skydives. The first stage is intended to provide students the opportunity to get into the sky swiftly yet safely; you will be taught some of the tricks of the trade to use in the course of your first skydive. Our friendly coaches will make the effort to teach you on proper body positions, how to release the parachute and flying yourself to the dropzone. Having received the ground training, you will be accompanied by two AFF coaches on your first skydive to provide you with additional stability and coach you through your first skydives. Through the subsequent levels, your coaches will continue to monitor your performance from exiting the airplane to freefall and landing. You should be improving at controlling your movements during the skydives. Eventually you will be ready to master some of the advanced skydiving tactics like gliding and backflips, and you'll learn...

  • How to correctly check equipment.
  • How to pack your canopy.
  • Effective ways to spot airplanes.
  • How to regain stability after flips or abrupt movements.

Level six is a level you will not forget. This level is where you first take to the sky by yourself. This occurs after a concluding examination of sorts. Your instructors need to confirm that you have the skills required. Your jump master will watch you from a distance and evaluate how well you manage your movements, observe safety protocol, deploy the chute and land; if you pass, he will provide you with a certificate of successful completion. With all said and done, you will have made at least 25 jumps and finished all requirements to get your USPA 'A' license.

An Introduction to the United States Parachute Association.

The United States Parachute Association (USPA) is the country's representative skydiving organization that provides education and issues licenses to those involved in skydiving. The sky diving licenses vary from the typical "A license" (25 jumps) through "D" (qualified to apply for after 500 jumps), representing the increasing levels of ability and success.

Become Licensed!

If you are ready to take the next step in becoming a certified skydiver, it all starts with Skydive Pennridge. Sign up with us today and let us help you in earning your sky diving certification. You don't need prior skydiving experience. Begin to discover all that skydiving has to offer!