Experience the extreme sport that is skydiving.

Not only does Tandem skydiving near Pennridge, Pennsylvania offer a natural high but also an introduction into an exciting aerial sport. For all you novice skydivers out there Tandem skydiving is the most pressure free way to begin your skydiving career.

Imagine, in one sunny afternoon you and your friends can take flight and have memories to share for a lifetime. Your skydiving instructor will be with you every step as you ascend the latter from beginner to full-fledged skydiving junkie. Feel comfortable knowing that from the time you step foot off the plane, taking in aerial views from among the clouds, to the time you land safely back on the ground, you’ll feel assured in your skydiving skills and experience at Skydive Pennridge.

Your skydiving adventure will start from exactly 14,000 feet above the ground. Not only will your free fall last up to one minute but with Pennridge video and pictures you will have memories to share with your loved ones. Once you are feeling confident and have completed all of your safety instructions you’ll board your plane. With the excitement building up inside you’ll have the much needed adrenaline to fuel your adventure, from start to finish!

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