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Videographer is prepared to record the big jump!
Another successful capture of a jump in Pennsylvania!
Don't forget your skydiving video for your very first skydive; you'll be disappointed!

Skydiving is a once in a lifetime experience you will never forget.

With memories that will last a lifetime, why not go the extra mile and secure your moments with a speciality video package from Skydive Pennridge. In order to share your moment with your friends and family, video is the best way to make sure that your memories don’t get lost in time. Again, video is the best way to share, with your friends and family, the simulation of your jump with your loved ones.

Skydive Pennridge has a large network of affiliated videographers at our disposal to shoot your adventures. During your pre jump they will conduct interviews that will get your live reactions and thoughts! They also capture your experiences from the ground too! As an extra bonus your videographer will be with you every step of the way, even jumping with you from the aircraft. Its their job to make sure that every smile, scream, and fist pump is captured from close range. While you are experiencing the time of your life, your videographer will get to the ground before you and make sure that your landing is captured in full, with music of your choosing. They will make sure to even capture how your whole experience went, from beginning, middle, and end.

Your whole experience caught on tape is now yours to own and share with anyone you see fit. Upon contacting our very experienced agents, ask about videographers availability for your next jump. Get your video to show at your next holiday party or just to share on your social media! Don’t wait….act now!