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Students of Skydive Pennridge can now experience the excitement of The AFF "First Jump Course" which is intended to supply each student of Skydive Pennridge with the required skills to confidently complete their solo skydive. Skydiving is not only an adrenaline filled activity but also one of the safest ways to experience the open sky, with the right training. After completing your first AFF (Accelerated Freefall) skydive, new students will then go on to experience first-hand the unique experience that is human flight.

We offer everything you need to take flight on your own. For example, we have The "Integrated Student Program" (ISP) which is a trusted instructional course created by the United State Parachute Association. You can have the peace of mind knowing that while taking this course, it is the most common instruction protocol used by Skydive Pennridge affiliate skydiving schools!

Being prepared is among our biggest concerns when instructing our first time students on skydiving. Standards are high for learning how to skydive and as a result of the USPA's Integrated Student Program sets Targeted Learning Objectives (TLOs) for a series of 7 training levels. For each level the TLO’s must be performed before graduating to the subsequent level. We want each student to enjoy themselves but these rules are set to ensure your safety. Additionally, a certified skydive trainer and possibly multiple instructors must accompany the student on each jump, for levels 1 through 7.

Once level 7 is reached each student is then cleared and ready to supervise their jump. Though cleared to self-supervise, each student will work under the guidance of a certified Skydive Pennridge skydiving instructor. Only after executing 25 jumps and has their “A License” criteria signed off on, will they be able to complete the final step. With the help of a certified instructor an A License Check Dive will have to be completed. When successfully completed and no longer a student, then the student is privy to their A License.

With the comfort and confidence of an A License, each skydiver will subsequently be allowed to travel to other USPA member drop zones. This freedom to participate in various drop zones means you have the skills required to jump when and where you see fit. Even though a license is not required to skydive legally there are benefits that you will want to take advantage of once you earn your credentials. With you’re A license facilitated by Skydive Pennridge, you’ll have the extra confidence needed to carry out an exponential amount of adventurous jumps around the country.

What You Need to Know About Accelerated Freefall Training

Two licensed instructors accompany each trainee during freefall.

  • "Harness Hold Training" is a technique used during these few dives to assure the student's security while in free fall.
  • Student's parachute is released and then the instructors fly away and deploy their own canopies to coast individually.

Skydive Pennridge has layers of safety precautions so once at 5,000 feet or above, each student is allowed to release their own parachute. However, If the student shows no indication that they are launching their parachute, both AFF instructors will signal to the trainee to do so using hand motions. If the trainee still has trouble instructors physically place the student's hand on the pilot chute. After which the instructor can personally deploy the parachute if required. Don’t panic because the instructor is one step ahead and can use the main pull handle or a number of supporting handles on the student's gear in order to take control.

A few tips for getting certified with flying colors!

  • Make sure to know your preliminary free fall procedures and how to release your parachute
  • Grades will be given for each demonstration in order to dive solo
  • Mind your altitude! All instructors have a firm minimum altitude at which they must pull their own parachutes
  • Safety Is Key! Every student rig is equipped with “Automatic Activation Device" (AAD) which immediately releases the parachute if the altitude limitation at free fall velocity is crossed. Please note: AAD activations are rare, but needed in case of unforeseen mishaps

Training Jumps allow instructors to coach every student on a wide variety of topics. From correcting a jump that needs improvement to mastering various aerial movements from freefall speed control, flying forward, executing turns and even flips! Mastering each Accelerated FreeFall skydive at Skydive Pennridge is very important and essential to showing building on skills previously mastered.

TLO’s or Targeted Learning Objectives are executed in each AFF level and are a clear indication of how each student is progressing in the course. Therefore, during AFF jumps the student has constant contact with crews on the ground that are used to aid in each student's descent to the ground safely. However, keep in mind that each trainee will get to the point of flying solo in case of a radio malfunction.

Upon completion of the course a USPA application is given to each participant and they are free and encouraged to join! Or, for more questions call Skydive Pennridge right now at 267-404-3222 and begin your training today!