What will it cost to go skydiving at Skydive Pennridge?

At Skydive Pennridge we try to keep our costs low so you can enjoy your jump at the most affordable prices. Typically, how much it costs to skydive depends on the type of jump you book. We suggest choosing the option that best fits your needs and budget! However, tandem jumps are our most affordable option. Also, please note that due to the price of gas and the current seasonal demand prices will vary. Again, don’t pass up a good time to fly high by worrying about prices. Our agents are standing by to supply quotes and answering all of your pricing inquiries.

Is there an age limit for Pennridge skydivers?

All participants must be at least 18 years of age or older. Additionally, all participants must sign a waiver before venturing out to complete their skydiving adventure. Because this contract is a legal and binding document, we require each participant to be at least 18 years of age. At Skydive Pennridge these rules are a necessity and keep us operational for all of our incoming and existing customers. These rules are standard within the skydiving industry as well.

Can I take pictures for my social media and personal memories?

Skydive Pennridge encourages all of our guests to have fun and fully embrace the unique experience they are about to embark on. We ask our guests to capture all footage and pictures while on the ground. However, cameras are not permitted on the airplane prior to experiencing your skydive jump. We try to accommodate every customer's needs and wants, but your safety is our priority.

Can I capture video footage of my experience?

We know you want to relive the experience for years to come. From the time you board the plane to taking that first step off the plane and directly into the expansive sky, at that point, the last thing you are thinking about is recording. That's why we strongly suggest investing in a Skydive Pennridge video bundle. As a top notch service, we’ve thought of everything! One of the benefits of the video package is that our videographers conduct quick interviews before you board the plane and also on the plane as you ascend. As a portion of the package, our videographers will conduct a short interview before you board the plane as well. You'll have the greatest feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when you receive your video footage that includes your interview, freefall, and the last moments when you land, all in one convenient package!

I’m not afraid of heights….but how high up will I get and how fast will I be going?

Weather can be unpredictable at best. That being said the altitude that each skydiving adventure is performed at is dependent on the way the weather is at the time of your jump. Generally speaking most tandem skydives are conducted at a maximum of 14,000 feet over the ground. Speed also varies but you can expect to approach speeds of up to 120 mph, these speeds will be reached within the first moments of your freefall.

Can non jumpers come with me?

Skydiving is a group activity and we want your friends and family to see you off. Feel free to bring your audience to the ground site. They will be allowed to stay on the ground and watch your jump from a safe viewing area. Unfortunately, non jumpers are not permitted on the aircraft. But don’t worry we have support for you to make your experience as smooth and FUN as possible!

Can I attempt a group jump with friends and family?

Skydive Pennridge will make every attempt to accommodate small to large groups. We know that having a shared experience is of the utmost importance to you and your group. However, please consider the following:

  • Short delays exist between jumpers out of the airplane.
  • As a result, you may not get a chance to freefall or canopy ride down with your group.
  • Groups sometime choose to go separately because they want to see their friends make their descent.